Who is Dr.Landa?



Dr. Landa dedicated to phytotherapy research and herbal remedies for 20 years. In 2008 won the World Integrated Medicine Congress a gold medal for "Best Dental Product" in the field of holistic medicine.

Recommended by Dentists

We highly recommend the Dr. Landa's Mouthwash!

MUDr.Jiří Benda

We have been working with the Dr. Landa's Mouthwash for over 10 years. pracujeme přes 10 let. We use it both in chronic and in acute inflammations of gums and periodontium (gingivitis and periodontitis) in combination with antibiotics or without the support of any antibiotics, and the results are excellent. We use it after tooth extractions, resections and other operations in the oral cavity, including implantology.

Our surgery also specializes in the treatment of diseases connected with negative effects of heavy metals on the body and the manifestations of electrogalvanism in the oral cavity, i.e. the interaction between different metals and materials in the oral cavity and their manifestations for the body.

I gladly recommend the Dr. Landa's Herbal Mouthwashes to my patients

MUDr.Olga Pospíšilová

I have been recommending them almost from the moment of their release, because of the following:

1. Natural ingredients, no chemical substances
2. Excellent results: only a few days after adjustment of hygiene and rinsing the mouth or applying the Dr. Landa's Herbal Mouthwash to gums the acute as well as chronic gum inflammation disappears, the gums do not bleed, the teeth need not be extracted and the progression of periodontitis is stopped or at least slowed down. The elimination of inflammation does not have a local effect only, but is beneficial for general health as well – in particular for the cardiovascular system.