Who is Dr.Landa?



Dr. Landa dedicated to phytotherapy research and herbal remedies for 20 years. In 2008 won the World Integrated Medicine Congress a gold medal for "Best Dental Product" in the field of holistic medicine.

Results of applying the Dr.Landa’s Mouthwash in dental practice


During the use of the Dr. Landa’s Herbal Mouthwash in MUDr. Hana Jeřábková’s dental practice, the effectiveness of this preparation was monitored in the treatment of patients who had difficulties with gum bleeding, deep tartar and teeth loosening, which are the main symptoms of periodontitis. 15 patients whose control results after a certain period of application were available were included in the study.


Based on the CPITN index control results we can state that the significant effect of the mouthwash was manifested in 12 patients, i. e.  80 %. The remaining 3 patients showed only partial improvement according to the CPITN index. In these cases, the patients did not use the mouthwash regularly and in accordance with the instructions. Even with irregular or random use, a comparison of X-ray pictures of these patients shows noticeable improvements.

On average, the patients were using the mouthwash for 6.5 months, and each of them consumed ca. 2 packages.

Effects of the Mouthwash

  • in 5 patients (42 % of those in who the effect was manifested) the symptoms of periodontitis disappeared completely and their gums are without any changes at present
  • in 3 cases (i.e. in 25 % of patients) the teeth loosening was completely eliminated or reduced, which is the main sign of strengthening the gums and eliminating the periodontitis 
  • 2 patients (17 % of those in which the effect was manifested) registered elimination of tartar including deep one (in 1 case along with a reduction of teeth loosening)
  • in 2 cases the gums bleeding completely disappeared (and in one patient the teeth stopped loosening at the same time).

The effects of the product are clearly documented in the charts below.

Chart No. 1: Effectiveness of Dr. Landa’s Mouthwash

Chart No. 2: Effects of Dr. Landa’s Mouthwash

X-ray examination results

The following X-ray pictures show the results of long-term regular application of the Mouthwash.

J. P.  1955 - man

Beginning of application  5/2002 (OP X-ray) – after extraction of teeth  12, 11, 21, 22 other teeth loosening – including linear bridges in later. sections, marked gingivitis, regular application.

11/2002 - gingiva without any signs of inflammation, splinting bridge made, check-up OP X-ray 10/2004 




J. F.  1956 - woman

6/2001 OP RTG – upon consultation with a periodontologist suggestion of extraction of teeth 12, 22, 32, 31, 41, 42 and making of splinting fixed bridges  (7,4,3,1+1,3,4  a  5,4,3-3,4,5,7) – refused by the patient.

Beginning of application 11/2002 – only one-time use – teeth strengthened, 6/2003 control OP X-ray picture



L. B.  1953 - woman

Beginning of application 4/2001 (OP RTG) – teeth were loosening considerably even during speaking, difficult food intake – patient indicated for extractions – only one-time use of the mouthwash.

5/2001 – teeth loosening markedly reduced, food intake without difficulties, 4/2003 control OP X-ray.





It follows from the summary of results of using the Dr. Landa’s Herbal Mouthwash in MUDr. Jeřábková’s dental practice, that its application in patients with bleeding gums, deep dental tartar and loosening teeth really brings unquestionably excellent results. After a certain period of regular use of the mouthwash the gums are strengthened, the bleeding and the deep dental tartar is eliminated, the teeth loosening is stopped or reduced and the bone is reossified.