Who is Dr.Landa?



Dr. Landa dedicated to phytotherapy research and herbal remedies for 20 years. In 2008 won the World Integrated Medicine Congress a gold medal for "Best Dental Product" in the field of holistic medicine.


Gold Award for the Best Holistic Dental Product

At the World Congress of Integrated Medicine held in Wolfsberg, Austria, in August 2008, the Dr. Landa’s Herbal Mouthwash received the Gold Award for the Best Dental Product 2008 in the field of holistic medicine.


The professional jury of the World Congress of Integrated Medicine awarded this gold medal for excellent results attained in treatment and prevention of gum inflammation and periodontosis.


Periodontosis is a chronic disease of the periodontium, i.e. of the alveolar bone, alveo-dental membrane and gingiva. It causes a gradually progressing destruction of the alveolar wall and periodontal ligaments. Thus it reduces the strength of the teeth, causes their loosening and, eventually, leads to their elimination. This disease affects especially middle-aged and older people, but recently it has been appearing in younger population in their twenties. Inflammation of the periodontium, of the tissues supporting the teeth in the jaws and at the same time protecting this support against negative external influences, is the initial stage in the development of periodontosis. The first obvious symptom of this disease is a beginning minor bleeding of the gums. The worsening condition of the periodontium results in the gum recession, dental necks exposure, increase in their sensitivity and a risk of developing tooth decay. Periodontal pockets are being developed, dental cement is being damaged, ligaments and bones are being eliminated and, eventually, teeth are loosening and falling out.