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Dr. Landa dedicated to phytotherapy research and herbal remedies for 20 years. In 2008 won the World Integrated Medicine Congress a gold medal for "Best Dental Product" in the field of holistic medicine.

References from our customers

My dentist recommended the Dr. Landa’s Mouthwash to me

Reference from: Marcela Lukavská, Kladno

I have been suffering from problems connected with periodontosis for many years now. It started with bleeding gums, and as the time was passing by, the teeth started wandering and became so loose that they had to be extracted and, what’s more, I started suffering from painful festering infections of the pockets. My dentist recommended some oral hygiene preparations to me, removed the tartar regularly, but the whole process was still going on.

The idea that I should lose the whole set of teeth and have the total dental prosthesis really terrified me. Then, by chance, I heard of MUDr. Draškovičová, a dentist from Kladno, and of her successful treatment of periodontitis using the Dr. Landa’s Herbal Mouthwash. During my first visit she explained to me that several tens of her patients had had this cure with excellent results.

I had nothing to lose, and therefore, in spite of being rather skeptical, I agreed that I would be rinsing my mouth with the Herbal Mouthwash for 14 days. I must admit that I was very surprised to see how quickly all the problems in my mouth disappeared. The gums stopped bleeding entirely, the teeth became stronger. This raised hopes in me that I might save my teeth and not have to use dentures.”

Date: October 2004

I saved CZK 80 thousand on new teeth

Reference from: Roman Havelka, actor from the theatre in Kladno

„I used to have problems with bleeding gums, and I blamed my toothbrush for it. One day I came to see my dentist with a toothache, expecting the dentist to make a filling, but to my surprise he said: You have periodontitis, start saving up for new teeth! When I asked the dentist, how I can cure myself, he only said: There is no cure – your teeth will fall out after some time. I was shocked: am I to start losing my teeth at such a young age? My lower incisors started loosening after two months. I confided in a friend of mine, and he told me that his wife had had periodontitis, too. Her dentist extracted two teeth to her and she was to undergo dental surgery. Then, by chance, they heard of a Dr. Landa, and he managed to save all of her other teeth,” Roman says, adding that he promptly contacted Dr. Landa. „I described my problems to Dr. Landa, and he suggested that we try the treatment. He only asked whether I had allergy towards herbs, and prescribed the two-component preparation to me. The treatment took effect within two months. My dentist says my teeth are alright now, without any signs of periodontitis. At the beginning he told me. Save up for new teeth, prepare forty thousand for the upper and forty for the lower ones.”

Date: July

It is just a miracle…

References from: Julius Szabó, České Budějovice

„About five years ago, when my problems started with bleeding gums, I started using different mouthwashes, but they only moderated the problems. Later on my problem with the bleeding was followed by swellings and pains, and periodontitis was under way. My dentist started the treatment by extracting the teeth number 8 and within six month the teeth number 7 followed. His statement that I should prepare for the fact that I will lose all my teeth within a few years was really unsettling.

When the dentist extracted one more tooth during the last visit, I was already so desperate that I could not even speak. I came home from the doctor and started searching a suitable treatment over the Internet. I read about the treatment with Dr. Landa’s Mouthwash and I found it interesting. I decided to try this option, even though it is not cheap – I had tried much more expensive preparations in the past, and to no effect. I used the Dr. Landa’s Mouthwash several times a day and my pains, swellings and bleeding eventually stopped. Moreover, within half a year two teeth which had been a little loosened, strengthened and my problems with the gums disappeared.

Simply a miracle – this is the right comparison. Today, after nearly one and a half year of using the mouthwash, I have beautiful and healthy gums, which are praised by my dentist at every check-up – indeed, by the same dentist who said last year that no „water” could ever help me. The only thing I regret is that I „did not find” the right contact earlier. I might have my mouth full of teeth till this day. At present I only use the mouthwash as prevention and I can recommend it even with other diseases of the oral cavity.”

Date: April 2008

Gingivitis is gone

Reference from: Lenka Galejová, Prague 5

„I am 50 years old and I have progressive periodontosis. I have been undergoing intensive treatment for 15 years now. My problems with the gums (bleeding) started when I was about 16. For the last 2-3 years, I have been using the Dr. Landa’s Mouthwash, in the morning and in the evening. In the morning I rinse my mouth with the mouthwash watered down by herbal tea against periodontosis. In the evening I use concentrated mouthwash, into which I immerse the interdental brushes so that the mouthwash may get as close as possible to the periodontal pockets, and in the end I rinse my whole mouth.

The Dr. Landa’s Herbal Mouthwash replaced all preparations recommended by dentists and made on the basis of chlorhexidinu (e.g. Corsodyl), which I found absolutely unsatisfactory. The Dr. Landa’s Mouthwash is a very pleasant, natural preparation, which is very friendly to the useful oral microflora even if used for a long time. At the same time, it uncompromisingly eliminates the bacteria which cause the gum bleeding and periodontal abscesses. It does not burn the mucosa – which is what the periodontologist threatened me with. The Dr. Landa’s Mouthwash relieved me of big pain and suffering. To my dental hygienist’s great surprise, my gums do not bleed even during the treatment in the oral hygiene centre. My gums’ condition has improved enormously. The painful red lumps and abscesses have disappeared, no pus is let out, the color of the gums has changed from red to pink. Unfortunately I found the Dr. Landa’s Mouthwash too late, and there is also the genetic influence, and therefore I will not do without implants. But I am sure that even then the use of the mouthwash will be very important, in order to prevent the formation of inflammation around the implant.”

Date: May 2008

Reference from: Jan Klas, member of the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic

„My problems with periodontitis started many years ago. Even in spite of my dentist’s professional care the disease could not be cured. In this difficult situation, I decided to contact MUDr. Jiří Landa, an old friend of mine, whose mouthwash was appreciated in some excellent references I read.

Thanks to personal consultations with him, regular application of the mouthwash and a perfect oral hygiene, excellent results occurred. The periodontitis was eliminated, the gums stopped bleeding and the teeth strengthened again. I use the mouthwash to this day, nowadays at least twice a week as prevention of relapse. Thank you once again for your help.”

Date: September 2008

How I was fighting and won over periodontitis

Reference from: Vlastimil V. Zejda, Jihlava

„Dear fellow patients, I decided to share some of my experiences and observations regarding the treatment of periodontitis with the Dr. Landa’s Herbal Mouthwash. Some five years ago, when my dentist diagnosed me with chronic periodontitis, I started with its targeted treatment. The treatment plan consisted of the radical stage – i.e. a surgical operation, and then the conservative stage – i.e. the things you do every day, plus something I will explain later. I naturally employed the opportunity to undergo a dental operation. After the operation came the conservative treatment. All patients who are treated for periodontitis know very well what the conservative treatment consists in. There are the periodical check-ups at the periodontologist’s and dental hygienist’s office, along with continuous assessment of the treatment, regular oral hygiene sessions with the hygienist, assessment of the state of the gums with respect to the papillary bleeding index (PBI), depth of periodontal pockets (CPITN), making the panoramic view of the oral cavity (OPG), making intraoral views if necessary, assessment of the state of the alveolar bone – dental bed, consultations with orthodontist if required – for a timely solution of anomalies in the position of individual teeth, and/or a denture design of the future loss of some teeth.

My conservative treatment includes the same methods as described above. I venture to say that I can, as a patient, influence at least 90 percent of the conservative treatment: in particular by taking a responsible and active approach. I would stress the word „active”, because any neglecting or careless approach can return you back to the first ranks in the imaginary list of success of treatment of this disease. In the initial stage of the conservative treatment I treated myself by a perfectly performed oral hygiene. There is no point in explaining how it should be done here – everyone knows it. However, since the perfect brushing alone is not enough, I was also using the so-called adjuvant (supplementary) oral hygiene preparations. What do dentists recommend to you? First of all, the bacteriostats. These include, in particular, the chlorhexidine digluconate, salicylates, cethylpyridine, hexetidine. They are contained in the medicine called Corsodyl – in different forms, Paroex, Listerine, various irrigation mouthwashes, Stopangin.

There is an infinite number of such preparations on the market. They are chemical substances, foreign to the human body, in certain concentrations and after some time of application even dangerous. I was using the Paroex gel and the Listerine Mouthwash for a couple of months, and I can tell you with all responsibility that my gums were not in a good state. The check-up in the periodontist’s office was not a success for me. If you find yourself in such a situation, you contemplate your next steps. It becomes obvious that there is nothing left you can do for the treatment to be successful and the long-desired positive result is still miles away.

Since I am an inquisitive person and a description of a state is not enough for me, I went on searching a satisfactory way of treatment. By chance I managed to find a contact of Dr. Landa. I discussed my periodontitis treatment with Dr. Landa, and he prepared a treatment plan for me using the herbal mouthwash he had developed. I did not hesitate for too long, since every month of unsuccessful treatment of the periodontium can be useless and delays the curing. As I have a good general dentist, he did not object to prescribing effective antibiotics to me which were to increase the effects of the herbal mouthwash. Using the macrolide antibiotics, which are friendly to the human body – e.g. Rovamycine 3 M.I.U, strengthened and accelerated the onset of effects of the herbal mouthwash to the extent that after ten days there were no signs of blood in the saliva.

A rather unpleasant part of this intensive stage of using the herbal mouthwash and the antibiotics, was their frequent application. It was necessary to keep the regular intervals of taking ATB and irrigating the mouth 5-6 times a day with the herbal mouthwash. Not everyone can afford this „luxury” with respect to employment and other duties. Later on, ca. after 10-14 days, the use of the herbal mouthwash, without antibiotics, was limited to irrigation performed 3-4 times a day. After another three months I was left with two irrigations a day and, eventually, after half a year the application was stabilized at one irrigation every evening, before going to bed, which is always preceded by a thorough oral hygiene.

Will you ask me at last what benefits I received by using the Dr. Landa’s Herbal Mouthwash?

In the first place, the microbial environment in the oral cavity has improved. This means that the chronic inflammation of the attachment apparatus has been eliminated. During the non-treated or insufficiently treated state, the inflammation manifested itself by swollen, reddened bleeding gums, often repeated abscesses, bad breath, gradual exposing of the dental necks, with a subsequent loosening and „wandering” of the teeth and their inevitable loss.

The benefit that I received – especially at the beginning of the treatment – by using the Dr. Landa’s Herbal Mouthwash was an almost immediate elimination of the bleeding gums. Neither Paroex nor Listerine managed to stop the bleeding. Another positive result is the naturally pink color of the gums, which is typical of healthy gums. The swellings which used to be visible on the gums have disappeared. The fierce and often recurring purulent inflammations weakening the alveoli have never occurred again after the treatment with the herbal mouthwash had started. The looseness of the single-root teeth number one in the lower jaw – the most endangered teeth, destined for extraction, has been eliminated to the extent that after about three years I can now eat a crunchy toast, which was impossible for me then. In general, I can say that the uncertainty I had while chewing several years ago is gone, and I can now consume solid food without any problem. Naturally, I am still rather careful.

Now you may say that these are only my subjective feelings. All right, then – let me state it objectively and exactly. I will tell you a few details. My PBI at the start of the chronic periodontitis treatment was 2.10. At present, after two years of using the herbal mouthwash, it is 0.18. CPITN has not changed for the worse. The periodontologist’s report of this year’s OPG is: „the state is not becoming worse”. Originally, this doctor wanted to extract the lower incisors and to close the line orthodontically. Well, isn’t this a miracle? When he asked me what preparations I used as supplementary treatment, I answered: the Dr. Landa’s Herbal Mouthwash. He nodded his head and recommended Listerin to me.

My contribution was not meant as an advertisement of the Dr. Landa’s Herbal Mouthwash. After all, I am not involved in it in any way. I only want to tell you that the herbal mouthwash, as it is developed and used, is based on a certain philosophy, which we have forgotten in these hectic times. I see its benefit especially in the real treatment of periodontitis and its total cure. In the possibility of permanent use. The same may not be said about the official medicine preparations. It is a fully natural preparation – phytopharmacon, which is naturally close to the human body; this eliminates the undesirable, side effects. It is true that propolis is an allergenic part of the preparation, and some patients may only use it conditionally. I would also like to note that the Herbal Mouthwash was awarded the international Best Dental Product Award. If you really want to find an effective treatment to the periodontal disease, you should use the Herbal Mouthwash. It is the only product in the world that can stop the pathological process of periodontitis, through the stage of stabilization to the state of curing. Nevertheless, it cannot be expected that the process of curing periodontium to the state of full health will be completed in a few months. It is a targeted treatment of an informed, responsible and active patient, which lasts for several years, with the specifics related to the treatment of periodontial disease. As for me, I believe that the Dr. Landa’s Herbal Mouthwash is an unparalleled, unique treatment method, the mass distribution of which is yet to come.

I wish you pleasant and successful treatment and cure with the Dr. Landa’s Herbal Mouthwash. Believe me: it will help you.”

Date: December 2008